It is our priority to monitor the trends in all sectors we serve closely in order to produce the products that meet the needs and requirements of our customers in the best way, according to national and international standards and regulations.

to provide scientific and up-to-date information and solutions to our customers by continuously improving ourselves,

to satisfy our customers by exceeding their expectations.

It is our objective to continue to be an exemplary company in our field with practices leading to the improvement of sectoral requirements in our country,

to reinforce our position we have acquired in overseas markets with new representations and to reach the highest rank among the preferred companies around the world.

To achieve our objective;

  • Implementing a quality management system to serve in achieving our goals,
  • Creating our future targets embraced by all levels in our company by continuously measuring the customer satisfaction and the efficiency of our system,
  • Continuously improving our processes,
  • Always using the latest technology in our applications,
  • Complying with applicable legislation and laws,
  • Providing our employees with opportunities to increase their development and participation in all our activities,
  • Cooperating with the best domestic and foreign suppliers,

are the practices that we have adopted as our primary principles.

We will continue to make unique essences by kneading the excitement and sincerity brought by our dynamic, entrepreneurial structure wherein the family integrity of our employees is emphasized, with our experience of more than a half-century and our passion.


As Gülçiçek Kimya, it is our first priority to protect the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, neighbors and visitors and the environment.

We carry out our activities according to the following principles for ensuring Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Protection.

  • Implementing a management system to serve in achieving our goals,
  • Taking into account the risks and environmental dimensions that may arise from the activities carried out, to prevent injuries, health disorders and contamination as a part of our practices, to monitor and to increase our performance on these issues every day,
  • Continuous improvement,
  • Increasing the safety culture and environmental awareness by raising awareness of all our employees, including senior management, on occupational health and safety issues,
  • Complying with applicable legislation and administrative regulations,
  • Carrying out continuous review activities in all operations in order to determine the targets of Occupational Health and Safety and Environment,
  • Taking into account the occupational health and safety factors and environmental factors in all operational activities that are planned and to be carried out,
  • Following the technological developments in occupational health and safety issues and to increase productivity in applications,
  • Ensuring the creation of sustainable saving methods that will reduce the consumption of energy, water and natural resources,
  • Making a contribution to increase their environmental sensitivity by cooperating with our suppliers and customers,
  • Ensuring that necessary activities are carried out for the reduction of wastes at source, reuse, regaining and recycling of wastes.

Gülçiçek Kimya will revise the Occupational Health and Safety and Environment Policy with respect to the conditions and developments of the day and will ensure the continuity of the improvements and follow the decisions taken.



Gülçiçek Kimya is aware of the fact that product production is not solely composed of the presentation of odor and visual quality together, but also the basic conditions of the production site comply with the applicable legislation and relevant regulations and also the production must be performed at a site with very high quality infrastructure capabilities and thus feels the justified pride of this.

Within the framework of this awareness, the hygiene quality measurements and the health status of all staff members are monitored by our authorized employees throughout the organizations and the staff members are given periodical hygiene trainings.

In this context; guaranteeing our customers the products that are not physically or chemically contaminated by mobilizing all of our resources by using our reliable products always in compliance with hygiene compliance standards, knowledge and experience are among our top priorities in this direction.


In order to manage any risks for our Information Security and information assets, we as Gülçiçek Kimya and its employees undertake

To implement the practices, to create documents, to ensure documentation with independent audits and to continuously improve in order to meet the requirements of the information security management system standard,

To carry out trainings that will improve technical and behavioral competencies in order to increase the information security awareness of all our personnel,

to comply with all legal regulations and contracts related to information security,

To strengthen the organization's reliability before the parties involved,

To define, determine, evaluate and control related risks in order to ensure the establishment and continuity of the information security management system within the framework of the strategic business plan and risk management,

To maintain the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the information assets of our customers, suppliers or other third parties within the scope of the Information Security Management System,

To systematically manage risks and opportunities for information assets,

To protect the company's confidentiality, integrity and all physical and electronic information assets throughout the company in order to protect our company's competitive aspect, profitability, legal compliance and business image.

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