Fragrances are key path to our primary inner senses that connect us to our past, present and future. They are a connection to our senses for beauty, love and to our past memories that fulfills our emotions. A life devoted to fragrances is like an inheritance passed down from generation to generation in pursuit of a unique sense inscribed in the hidden formulas that are like wills written for inheritance…

With its fragrance experience of more than half a century with over 200,000 created “eternal” fragrance formulas, MG International Fragrance Company makes sustainable effort to produce fragrances from world-wide available raw materials.

Founded in 1961 by Mişel Gülçiçek, MG International Fragrance Company,

  • obtains its inspiration and creativity directly from the natural resources that surrounds our daily lives
  • with its state-of-the-art facility, follows the highest possible quality and technological industry standards with environmental priorities.
  • with its international perfumer force, adheres to both local and global business visions
  • has a tremendous respect for human and societal values.
  • follows production values principally based on sustainable and results driven ideals.

    Being the first integrated manufacturing facility, the creative center with the highest capacity and product diversity under one roof in the world, MG International Fragrance Company has been embracing the values of product quality and customer loyalty as guiding principles for many generations. It carries the label of “Made in Turkey” with pride and success and aims to raise this label across the globe.

    MG International Fragrance Company provides services to over 55 countries and supplies fragrance compositions and ingredients to nearly 4,000 manufacturers worldwide including the domestic market. With its environmentally conscious production, “employee-and-customer-first” oriented approach, and productive high technology utilization, the company, which is among Turkey’s 500 second biggest industrial enterprises, places particular emphasis on working under healthy and safe environments.


  • 50,262-square-meter of work and “living” space
  • 5,000-square-meter of green space
  • 2,918-square-meters of areas for innovation, organic synthesis and R&D
  • 28-kilometer-long stainless steel and Teflon pipe lines in production
  • 15 tanks with capacity ranging between 1 and 7 cubic meters or metric tons
  • Usage of more than 4,500 purchased raw materials
  • Processing capacity for nearly 280 in house produced raw materials used in production
  • Production capacity of 7,500 metric tons per year
  • Over 200,000 archived fragrance formulations ready for production
  • A unique collection of 12,000 raw materials
  • Capacity for 24 perfumer work-stations
  • Over 12 specially designed individual fragrance test cabins
  • Over eight internationally diverse perfumers and many trainees
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